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Sto sap mm

For example, in one of my trading client, we used to import materials from abroad in big containers and then those containers were unloaded into one big branch plant as it was cost efficient to import materials in bulk to one location.

The big branch dispatched the quantity against the STO on the mentioned delivery dates. Advertisement In the below screenshot, you can see a diagram illustrating the stock transfer process. The supplying plant then delivers the material, which in the SAP system will be shown as stock in transit.

SAP List of Authorization Objects

When the receiving plant receives the material, goods receipt takes place at the receiving plant. You also have to provide your purchase organization, purchase group and company code as show on the screenshot below.

Sto sap mm

Our tutorials about SAP MM organizational structure should be helpful in learning more about purchasing organization and other MM organizational units. Items of Stock Transport Order If you have any additional charges which needs to be added to the cost of the material, you should provide the details in the conditions tab.

Stock Transfer Using Stock Transport Order (SAP Library - Managing Special Stocks (MM-IM))

For instance, it is possible to add freight charges as shown below: Pricing Conditions of Stock Transport Order Now, your stock transport order is ready and to cross check for any errors in your STO, click on button which will tell you if everything is correct in your document.

Once all issues are fixed, you click the button, which will save the document. The SAP system will provide you with SAP generated document number as shown below notifying that the document has been created.

Goods receipt is also done in MIGO transaction.

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Have any questions or comments? We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.Purchasing. Purchasing is a component of SAP MM module, and its process can be roughly depicted in below diagram.

MRP (material resource planning) creates procurement proposal and later gets converted into Purchase Requisition.

Sto sap mm

STO is the intracompany process to transfer materials, between one plant to another within the same company with the same company code. Customizings for STO You have to register the supplying plant as a supplier and the receiving plant as a customer. The supplying plant can be customized on the.

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of goods movement with stock transport order, a feature of SAP Materials Management (MM). Stock transport order is a special procurement type that a warehouse supervisor uses to transfer a company's goods from one warehouse or plant to another.

The warehouse supervisor creates a stock transport. Sep 13,  · Posted in SAP MM Procurement Tagged DELIVERY, INTRA COMPANY STO, SAP, SD, STO, STOCK TRANSFER, SUPPLYING PLANT, TRANSFER POSTING 18 Comments Post navigation Previous Post Inventory Management Transaction Codes with Explanation Next Post SAP Warehouse Management Organization Structure.

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A PO is generally used for transactions involving vendors. For stock movement involving two of your own plants, an STO is the appropriate document. Mar 05,  · Go to MM> Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO>Assign document Type, One step Procedure, Under delivery tolerance Assign the document type .

Intra Company STO with Delivery – GANESH SAP SCM